LP Live at W Seattle

Last night I saw LP perform live, up close and personal, at the W Hotel in Seattle. LP actually held a mini contest on her website, giving away 5 tickets (RSVPs) to the event. I was one of the people who won! She even gave me a shootout between two of her songs! She said,

LP: "Who are my winners tonight?" 
ME: *waving like a fool*
LP: "Are you the nail polish girl?"
ME: *nodding & smiling like a fool*
LP: "I saw your Youtube. You're very pretty."

I nearly died at that point. She was talking about was an instagram that I had posted on twitter prior to her performance! 


The performance was beyond spectacular. How many times have we've all been to a live performance of someone we loved to listen to, but they sounded nothing like their record? LP sounded exactly the same, if not better than her recorded songs. Her band, phenomenal. JN