Hey loves! Two weeks ago I attended Runway to Freedom (special thanks to Lauren Grinnell), a fashion show in the diamond in the rough of Seattle, at Melrose Market Studios. It was the first time I attended a charity fashion show that brought me to tears. The show, which included an auction at the end, raised money for New Beginnings - Women Against Domestic Violence, which is a Seattle based support group for recovering women and children. 

There was a woman at the end of the show (I wish I could remember her name) , who told her story, of seeing saw her daughter recover from a drug addiction and surviving an abusive relationship, that really just broke my heart. I work in a hospital and I'm constantly encountering patients withdrawing from drug addictions and depression related suicide attempts, and I could only imagine their hardship. To hear about it affects a mom on a such a personal level, and to hear about her daughter being beat, is just wrong. No one should ever have to go through such pain. I'm just so glad that support groups like New Beginnings exist to help people like her make it through the day. xoxo JN

Photos by me, Jennifer Nguyen :)