Mount Persis

Happy belated new year everyone! I've been keeping busy with school, work, friends, and working out, ever since January 1st and I wanted to make sure my first post of the year would be worthwhile. Yesterday's hike definitely fit the bill.

As part of my new goals in finding my own "Happiness of Pursuit," and going out living a life of adventure, I've decide to go to places I would have never gone to before. My last trek to the Big Four Ice Caves ignited my love of snowcapped mountains & inspired me to push myself physically and go to great lengths, for the sake of beautiful photos. I can't imagine a better motivator. 

We started this hike bright & early, before sunrise at 7:30am. Due to time constraints, we didn't make it all the way to the top of the hike, but I'm still really proud of myself, as this as my hardest hike yet. Despite all of that, I'm really happy with all the pictures I got. My only wish was that I could have gotten more pictures, which was difficult. The hike was short, but had massive elevation gain and required both hands at all times, through very overgrown pathways. I already can't wait till my next hike & adventure. I want to push myself harder and further next time. Too me, it's all about getting the shot and living the adventure.


All in all, I feel, that I have finally become a true Pacific Northwester. Last but not least, I'll leave you all with my very first photo of the day, taken 30 minutes into the hike as the sun was coming up at 8am. Thank you all for reading! - JEN

"Do one thing everyday that scares you." - Eleanor Roosevelt