Mani Monday: Mini dots


Happy Mani Monday loves!  I still haven't been able to stray away from my current obsession with white nails, but this weekend I was inspired by the nails in the Charlotte Ronson Spring 2014 show (shown below). Whenever I've done polka dot nails, I've always done really large dots (like here), but I really like the look of mini dots. It's a great way to add some interest to your typical all-white nails, yet still have nails that would go with any outfit!


So here's How I did it:

I started with a protective clear base coat, and (2) coats of white nail polish. Once that completely dried, I grabbed an index card where I placed a drop of black nail polish on it. From here, depending on the size dots you want, I always use household items to make my polka dots. For larger dots, use a dull coloring pencil. For medium sized dots, use the tip of a paperclip.  For smaller dots, like these, use the lead tip of a thin mechanical pencil, or a toothpick. Dip your dotting tool of choice into the black nail polish and dot on your design. Make sure you wait until the dots are completely dry before adding a top coat. Simple!