Summer Haze

The end of this month will mark a year since a very sad moment in my life (read about it here). I've spent the better part of this year making a lot of changes for myself, including pushing myself to go outside my box, and try things I would have never done before. For the first time in 4 years, I ate meat again. I didn't want to limit myself anymore. I also somehow got up the courage to apply for scholarships and opportunities it school, that I never had the courage to do before, and it paid off, every single time. 

A part of pushing my limits, was this photoshoot I did with Chinee Jingyu Gu, for my 25th birthday. We were both busy with school during that time, so it took awhile for us to finish these photos. This particular set we shot means so much to me, though, because Chinee picked out this outfit for me. I've never, even as a kid, let anyone do that for me. I wasn't sure at first, but it was eye opening to have someone style you in a different perspective than you're used to. I ended up loving that dress. You can find similar dresses below.

So I guess, this post is a reminder to myself, and salute to the women out there who are always pushing themselves to their limits and developing themselves to a greater tomorrow! - JEN