Newport Lace

Yesterday my family and I headed to New Port Beach! It felt completely different from our trip to Venice Beach the day before. There's a lot more fun shops to visit, lot's of parking (which is nice), and it just feels so much more alive and colorful! People on bikes everywhere and surfers in the water. It felt like the epitome of the Californian lifestyle!


For a seattle-native, it was a shocking 90F today at Newport Beach, which was quite bearable with the nice ocean breeze. Plus I had a refreshing frozen chocolate banana to munch on! I haven't had one in years!


How cute is this older couple? The wife wheeled her husband onto the pier. I hope to find myself in a relationship like this 60 years from now. :)

All in all, I felt like the day was perfect! We didn't do much per say, but my family and I had a really nice time enjoying the view, the sounds of the ocean, and watching surfers trying to take on the big waves. Plus, there's nothing I enjoy more, than simply taking photos. 

And while I feel like I may have been a tad overdressed for the beach, I ended up really like my pick. My blouse helped protect my shoulders from the sun, yet it was cool and free flowing. The lace shorts added a touch of femininity and my Sam Edelman sandals made 3 hours of walking a breeze! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed my time at Newport. Until next time, xoxo JEN


Express blouse (similar here) | Zara short (similar here) | Sam Edelman sandals | Ray Ban sunglasses