Dust in the Wind

Forever 21 dress (similar here) | Ray Ban sunglasses | Michael Kors bag | Sam Edelman sandals

Hey guys! Hello from another beautiful day in SoCal! If you guys haven't noticed already, I've packed a lot of neutrals with me on this trip. (You can check out my last two outfits here and here.) It wasn't something I really planned, but it seems to become my default every Summer. To me, Spring is a time for color, whereas Summer, calls for the simplicity of neutrals. It gives you an appearance of a darker tan than you really have and it lets statement pieces like these Ray Ban aviators pop. Plus, along with the sunglasses, I love how the the lace detailing on this low-budget Forever 21 dress makes the look effortlessly feminine. 

With September at our doorstep, I am definitely taking advantage of every sunny day I have left, and I hope you all are too. Before we know it, Fall fashion will be upon us! Until next time, xoxo JEN