Postcards from Disneyland at Night

Part of the reason I've always felt a connection to Michael Jackson, is because of his desire to never grow up. Of course life for us normal citizens, doesn't work that way, but thank goodness there's Disneyland!

To me, it's truly a magical place that never ceases to make me forget the outer real world and give me a feeling of pure euphoria. I'd never give up any opportunity to go to Disneyland, and this year, I was fortunate enough to be able to go twice! So this time I stayed for an hour after the park closed to get these slow-shuttered shots (without a tripod).

I think my favorite shots are of the Mad Tea Party. I went around the ride about 30 minutes before the park closed to find a place to perch my camera, since I didn't have a tripod, and since each of these shots took about 20 seconds. I love how the second one blurs out the cups.

This is a special shot of the entrance of the exclusive Club 33. Invite only.

All in all, there's something somewhat satisfying about walking around an almost empty Disneyland. Despite it being dark, you feel completely safe and little bit magical. Next time I go, I'll definitely bring a tripod and try for more night time shots. I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Love, JEN