February 2015 | Month in Review

Ah, February. The month of love. :) While last month would normally be depressing for single people like me, this past month actually treated me pretty well! :) Of course, except for the part where the Seahawks lost in the Superbowl :( ... but let's try to forget that and move on shall we? What I mean, is that I've always tried to be an optimist and February was full of great things & new friends.

 First of all, I started the month with some brand new color. I went back to my stylist, Rory, at Seven Salon Bellevue to touch up my balayage, and add some lightness to my ends. I loved how it turned out! You can learn more about my hair care here.

February was also full of great adventures, like my first solo hike to Rattlesnake Ledge and my first time rock wall climbing with a belay. There have also been the most amazing sunrises (left) and sunsets (middle). I've always been a sucker for beautiful views like these. Everytime I see one, I always stop everything I'm doing, just to take in the moment and appreciate life in general.

The temperatures in Seattle are also getting warmer, and I've been taking it as a signal to get my butt into shape before swimsuit season gets here. For me, that means more yoga, daily ab sessions, and more legs/glutes days! Also, last month I officially signed myself up for Seattle's upcoming Electric Run (in May), and my first (ever) half marathon at Disneyland in September. No more being lazy!

Of course that doesn't mean I'll be refraining from any yummy foods or sweets. ;) (Top to bottom & left to right)
1. Lychee & Strawberry bubble tea
2. Smoked salmon eggs Benedict & a soy almond mocha from WA's famous Maltby Cafe
3. Fudge Brownie Chunk ice cream from Molly Moon's
4. Steamed asparagus & a seasame bagel with egg for breakfast, by yours truly :)

See? With a month filled with so many breathtaking views and yummy food, how can I not smile when I look back at it? Not only that, the end of February also meant that I now officially only have 6 months left of my radiologic technology program. I can't believe it's been almost 2 years! It's been hard, since it's taken time away from my blogging, but I'm almost done & I know it'll all be worth it! Oh and did I mention that I finally feel ready to start dating again? Let's hope March brings even greater adventures! Love, JEN