Let me tell you, my "Year of Adventure," has been off to a great start. Three weeks ago, I headed to Canada with my friends, to go to Whistler for the time ever.  Before this, I had only skied at Stevens Pass. While I knew there were other ski resorts out there, nothing quite prepared me for the enormity and grandeur, that is Whistler Blackcomb.

First of all: Whistler Village

We drove in the night before, so we didn't get to fully appreciate the beauty of the village, until we we headed up the next morning. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many shots of the village itself (too busy enjoying it, sorry). When I did get to walk through the village though, trust me when I say that it's full of never-ending ski/snowboarding shops, and a wide variety of restaurants and bars. No wonder this was home to the 2010 Winter Olympics!

SecondLY: the LIFTS & RUNS

My friend wasn't kidding when he said you could spend half a morning going down one run. The lift rides alone, depending on how many you take on the way up, can take upward of 10-30 minutes. The runs are seemingly endless & well worth it. 

My first run took about 1.5 hours, since I was teaching my cousin Isabelle how to ski for the firs time. I know, I know. Whistler isn't the first place you think of for beginners, but I'm so proud of her because she did amazing & is definitely a skier now! 

Lastly: The Gondolas

If you ever get the chance to go to Whistler, I definitely recommend, at the very least, taking the gondolas peak-to-peak, and enjoying the breathtaking views. It's in my opinion, the best way to rest your legs after a long day of skiing down the slopes. The views are hard to beat. 

IMG_6690 - Version 2.jpg

I love how dark these photos are, from the Peak-to-Peak gondola. They were hidden in the shade of the mountains.

As usual, thank you all again for reading. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! (All shot on my Canon G7X). Until the next adventure, love JEN

P.S. To Isabelle & Albert, happy 4 year anniversary :)