Glacier Lagoon

4 and a half hours from Reykjavik, along route 1, you'll find the Glacier Lagoon.

With Winter well under way in Seattle, I thought I'd finally finish up my last Icelandic story, and the Glacier Lagoon definitely goes up as one of my favorite spots in Iceland. Out of all the nerdy National Geographic documentaries I've grown up watching, it's the ones about glaciers that fascinated me the most. 

I booked myself an hour long Zodiac boat tour & after getting dressed in our anti-hypothermia/flotation suits, we boarded the boat. In comparison to their Amphibian tour, the Zodiac tour puts you on a smaller boat with less people, which allows you to get closer to the icebergs & glaciers. The only thing is, when photographic these glaciers, it's hard to convey a sense of scale without a size reference, but in person you're left in absolute awe.

All in all, as someone that's usually against guided tours, this one was well worth it. I would go on it again and again. Plus afterwards, you're free to explore the surrounding areas. You might even spot a few seals. - JEN