Long time no see, my blog fam! In today's post, I'm saying hello to you from San Diego, California!

I'm here to attend International Comic-Con (SDCC), for my first time ever. Since I was already in area, and because I had so much fun on my safari in Disney World's Animal Kingdom, I decided to check out the Caravan Safari, in San Diego Zoo's Safari Park. For your choice of 2 or 3.5 hour tours (daytime or twilight), you can go out in a huge caravan that brings you to the eye level of baby giraffes. 

Here's one of the 3 baby giraffes that came up to our caravan. You imagine how close we got to these beautiful creatures.


 Luckily, in the time slot I chose (twilight), we only had 3 people in our caravan. That's 3 people splitting a huge bucket of leaves, enough for 10 people to feed these giraffes. It also allowed each of us with more time to feed them. We also got feed a few rhinos & see (2) baby rhinos. Not to mention, our tour guide, Justin, was better than anyone I could ask for. Extremely knowledgeable & funny. I had a lot of fun!

Work hard. Play harder.

In other news, sorry for my recurring hiatus. I've been working a lot outside of the blogosphere, 70-100 hours a week to be exact. You can imagine how I've been to busy/tired to blog. Plus, there isn't much to blog when you're working every waking moment. But, worry not! I still have so much to share about this San Diego trip. Not to mention, my upcoming trip to Europe in September & Australia in November. The rest of this year is going to a world wind adventure, as life should be! New videos are also in the making as well. 

I'll talk to guys real soon! Thanks for reading! Love, JEN