Club 33

Hey loves! Last weekend, I headed back to Disneyland California, with my Disney buddy, Kristina. For her, it was just going back to something she had already known many times over, but for me, it would be my first time going into the exclusive Club 33.


Club 33 is a Disneyland members only club, in which acquiring a membership involved an extremely long wait-list & and initiation fee upwards of $25,000. The membership can't even be inherited. Not to mention the annual fee rumored to be around $12,000 a year. Let's just say, us regular Disneyland goers, never expect to experience it, not in our lifetime anyways. That's unless... you're invited by a member, which we were.


Thirty minutes prior to our lunch reservation, we rang doorbell outside of the current Club 33 entrance. Within seconds, we were greeted & walked into the Court of Angels, where were offered "spa water." We had only walked 5ft from where we were, but it felt like a different world.

Dress from H&M // Heels by SJP // Wristlet by Michael Kors

As if the seemingly air-conditioned courtyard wasn't beautiful enough, the ambience inside the club upstairs, was very upscale. Every table was decorated with beautiful  gold-accented dinnerware, including the plates with the Club 33 emblem. 


Inside, we were seated by a balcony, looking over the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  It was a view, I never thought I'd be able to enjoy. As part of our reservation, we had to select what we wanted, from a 4-course menu. As for drinks, I started with the Garden District Lemonade.

Right to Left: 1.Wild Blue Crab Cakes, Toy Box Pepper Ragout and Crispy Capers, 2. "Lafayette" Garden Salad with Shaved Radish, Cucumbers, Vinaigrette Maison, 3. Skuna Bay Salmon Salad Nicoise, Green Beans, Poached Potatoes, Sun Dried Tomatoes, 4. Club 33 Cappuccino. 

As we became thoroughly stuffed, we ended our meal with their Pecan Coffee Bundt Cake, as well as a latte (for me) & a cappuccino (for Kristina). After admiring the view from the balcony, we made our way down & out, into the regular (but still magical) world of Disneyland. 

There are some experiences in life that I've coveted, but Club 33 never crossed my mind. I just expected to never have that privilege, and yet, I am so happy to say that I cross it off my bucket list. That door will never look the same to me ever again, and I have Kristina to thank for that.

 Next month, Paris Disneyland! Love, JEN