Off to Europe

Hey loves! Today I'm headed off to Europe! 

I can't believe I finally get to say that! It's been a years worth of planning and it feels absolutely surreal to me, that this day has finally come! Mind you, while I do travel pretty often (especially this year), this will my first time flying over seas, on my own. It didn't really hit me, what I had gotten myself into, until I landed for my layover in Vancouver, Canada & made my way through customs. This is really happening.

“It has become ever clear to me that if I had spent my life avoiding any and all potential risks, I would have missed doing most of the things that have comprised the best years of my life.” - Phoebe Snetsinger

 This trip means to me more than my words can describe. I've wanted to travel the world ever since I was little and I looked out of an airplane window for the first time. As you grow up though, I've learned that life tends to give you an endless list of "tasks," that sidetrack you from those childhood dreams. Society reiterates to you, to play it safe, go to school & work your life away. As a woman, societal norms tell you to get married, have kids, work, retire.  Frankly, I've never fancied the idea of living my life by the norms. It's not that I don't want those things, but with all that alone, I would be bored out of my mind. I want, and need, more. 

Well... I've put in my time, gone to school, worked a ridiculous amount of hours (which my coworkers can attest to), and now it's time to do this for me. Today, I create the life I've always imagined. Anyhow, enough talk. I'm about to board. See you tomorrow in London! - JEN

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Shirtdress shown by Topshop