Touring The Great Ocean Road

We arrived in Melbourne, halfway through our first week in Australia.

On our first full day, we left our hostel bright an early, for a small guided bus tour of the Great Ocean Road. While I've never been a huge fan of scheduled tourist activities, especially tour buses, it proved to be a worthy way to see a lot of beautiful places in one day. It gave us just a enough time in each spot & a preview of where to come back to.

The tour included a lot of fun interactive spots, like Kennet River, where you can spend a good amount of time with Australia's native Parrots & Lorikeets, as well as find some wild Koalas sleeping up in the trees. 


Halfway through your tour you'll be able to feast your eyes on the famous 12 Apostles, which by the way is more like 6 or 7. No one seemed really sure why they're called they're called the 12 Apostles. Essentially they exist because the cliffs are made of limestone. Over the years, the waves have worn the cliffs down, creating these pillars.

If you've got a drone (that you're pretty speedy with), I'd definitely bring it along on this tour. I didn't, but in retrospect I wish I did. Some stops, like the 12 Apostles are a tad too short to bust out the drone, and get shots with my Sony a7Sii, but some stops were long enough for both. 

Ultimately, the tour got me excited for my next time in Melbourne. I'd love to rent a car next time though. Hope you guys enjoyed the post! - JEN