Coming Back to Youtube

It's been a long time coming.

Time & time again, I get messages & tweets, asking me when I will return to Youtube. To be honest, my efforts have only been an average of 1-2 videos a year, over the last 3 years. All that time though, I never put the camera down. I continued to take photos, blog & record video footage. The pictures went on my blog, but the videos seemed to pile up in a folder. That is, until now. I promise I've been busy, but where did my time go?

Besides towards the obvious of spending 2 out of the 12 months last year, traveling... I worked. Obviously the traveling costed money, but while it didn't actually cost me that much last year, I believe in working for what you want. When I wasn't traveling, I was working 50-70 hours a week, to finance my trips, my life, and my savings (which lead to Becky). Now I've finally gotten the opportunity to cut down my work hours & relax. With that said, I'm ready to use that newly available time, to get back on Youtube! Hope my first edit in awhile is enjoyable!