Shanghai Views & Soup Dumplings

One of the most monumental experiences in 2019, was heading to China with my best friend Kristina. As someone who was born half Vietnamese & half Chinese, China and it’s language, was something I’ve never been exposed to. And when it’s your first trip to a side of yourself you’ve never known, and a place you don’t ever expect to come back to again, it’s okay to treat yourself a little bit. (*Click above to view our vlog*)


We landed in Shanghai at 5pm, and after (quite literally) an elevated check in process at the Four Seasons Shanghai Pudong, we enjoyed a late night cup of tea, while looking over the nightlife of the Bund. Then it was off to bed early, to prep us for our full day in Shanghai. And what better way to start your first full day in a new country, than with an infinity pool overlooking The Bund?

After that we showered, we headed to the breakfast lounge, then finished getting ready before heading out towards the Oriental Pearl Tower and it’s beautiful glass floors.


After we got through stomach churning views the Oriental Pearl Tower, we crossed the Bund using the underground Sight Seeing Tunnel (see vlog), in search of the best Xiao Ling Baos that Shanghai had to offer. Before heading to China, I watched every English travel/food show I could find, with episodes in Shanghai. I eventually came across, Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse.

Accompanied by Mario Batali, Emeril explores Shanghai, guided by a book ranking all the Xiao Ling Bao restaurants by flavor, skin thickness, and juice level. Top of that list, was a hole in the wall place (no English) that we found, called Jia Jia Tang Bao. Think you’ll get by with Google Translate in Shanghai? You’re probably right, at least until you walk in here. Google Translate seems to only translate languages written in left to right orientation. This restaurants menus only run in the old school top-to-bottom. By the end of it, we let the lady up front order for us. We had no idea what we got, but it honestly was the best soup dumpling I’ve ever eaten. Without needing any dipping sauce, each of those little dumpling had more flavor that I though possible, and great dough.


No idea what we ordered

But it was hands down the BEST, juiciest, and most flavorful Chinese Soup Dumplings I’ve ever had.


Then it was a quick trip to see the Yu Yuan Garden, before we headed back across The Bund, and towards the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC). You know those jaw dropping views of Shanghai you see on instagram? Wonder how they get such a high-up views as if they’re flying above the city? The SWFC is how.


Hope you guys enjoyed our day in Shanghai. Tomorrow we’re off to Shanghai Disneyland! - Jen