4th of July at Lake Union


Hello my lovelies! I hope you all (Americans, anyways) had a great 4th of July! I admit, sometimes when holidays roll around, I get old people syndrome & just want to stay home by myself and relax while the world celebrates. While I love dressing up, part of it is because I hate being in crowded spaces.


Luckily yesterday my best friend gave me a little shove to go all the way into Seattle & see the Lake Union fireworks. It's basically the biggest show we have. The main place to watch it though, would be Gasworks Park, but we avoided that at all costs. If I had to list the scariest crowded place for me, in the world, it would be Gasworks Park during 4th of July. With some exploration though, we found a perfectly good spot on the edge of Lake Union, away from the crowd, and with the cheapest Seattle parking I've ever seen. It's definitely going to be our new traditional spot!