If you wanted to end your London visit with a bang, like we did, this is the spot to go.

What kind of post about food would this be, if I didn’t mention the internet famous, Duck & Waffle? And now that I’ve been, I can absolutely understand why. Despite being open 24 hours, reservations are highly recommended & strict. Reservations can be made no earlier than 2 months in advance. Depending on which meal times you’ll be dining, and how busy the restaurant is, your length of your reservation will be limited to 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Since went there for a late meal at 10pm, we were actually able to stay for 2 hours. 


Upon arriving to your reservation, your bags will be check by security, before you get escorted to the elevator & sent up 40 stories, to an amazing view of London.


With the menu meant to be shared, we decided to order several items to give us a wide taste of what they had to offer. We tried the bacon wrapped dates, the roasted brussels sprouts, smoked eel, and the Jerusalem artichoke ravioli.  


As an American whose used to large personal entrees, between the two of us, the 4 small looking dishes were deceivingly filling. Every single dish was so different, yet delightful in both their mixes of texture & flavor. The outer savory layer of the bacon wrapped dates, were accentuated by the soft inner date. Then as someone whose only had eel in sushi, the smoked eel was a great contrast to what I knew, as it wasn't as savory. Instead it seemed pleasantly subtle with the creme fraiche & would just melt in your mouth. Lastly, the crispy shallots were a great textural contrast to the soft roasted brussels sprouts, like the ____ were the cauliflower ravioli. 

I just don't have any negative things to say about the food. As for the service, we noticed a well suited man with an ear piece constantly roaming the dining room. All in all, we felt well attended for, but we never felt like their service was disruptive to our meal or our conversation.  With that said, I'd put Duck & Waffle in that category of mine, where I think everyone, if given the opportunity, should try at least once. Enjoy! - Love, Jen


One of my favorite places that we visited in Melbourne, was this hard to find, hole-in-the-wall gelato joint, called Dex2rose. After a 40 minute walk down what seemed like endless streets, if you manage to find the place (which is down an alley), you'll get to experience probably the coolest science themed liquid nitrogen gelato & drinks. 

I even like how they display their menu! What we really came for though, was their famous Mist in the Woods hot chocolate set. This elaborate set, which comes with a full set of instructions, is described as:

Mist in the Woods - "Featuring our own lightly spiced hot chocolate, this decadent set comes with a generous dollop of salted caramel gelato, raspberry drupelets, and toast-at-your-table home-made marshmallows."

After it's prepared, the waiter brings it to you & asks if you want to get your camera ready (you definitely do). Then let the fun begin! The waiter (or in our case, it was the owner of Dex2rose), starts by pouring rose water infused liquid nitrogen into a shot glass. They'll flip an empty glass onto it, to let it flavor the inside your glass. 

As the liquid nitrogen does it's thing, the waiter will light your little fire, allowing you to start toasting your marshmallows. Once the liquid nitrogen wears off, it's time to pour the hot cocoa in the glass, and enjoy it with the salted caramel gelato, topped with raspberry drupelets, as well as your freshly toasted marshmallows.

Being a fan of salted caramel ice cream, I enjoyed the entire experience a lot. What I didn't expect, was how much I would enjoy the marshmallows. It's texture is just different than anything I've ever experience & they're hands down the best marshmallows I've ever eaten. The raspberry drupelets added a sweet factor to the salted caramel & the hot cocoa was delicious. My only wish, was that I could stay in Melbourne longer, to try out every single item on their menu. In short, don't  you dare go to Melbourne without checking this spot out! 

Of course you'd have to find it first ;) - JEN

Twenty-Seven: A Food DIARY

Hey everyone! The travel photos/vlogs are going to have to be on hold for a minute, because today I turned 27! I've said this before, but my motto is: I don't celebrate my birthday, I celebrate my birth-week. It wasn't a full week, but it's been an absolute blast! To me, my birthday isn't about me, but using that time to catch up with all my friends & family, over endless good food in the Seattle area. Let's just say, mission was accomplished!


JOEY kitchen

I started out on Saturday in University Village at JOEY Restaurant. For the past 3 years I've celebrated it at my favorite dumpling house, Din Tai Fung, but this year I just wanted to try something different & I'm sure glad I did. Very swanky, open atmosphere setting, which perfect table seating for my party. No to mention, their Sashimi Tuna Salad (far right) was delicately delicious. 

Molly Moon's

Being lactose-intolerant, I thought that the fun had been permanently sucked out of my diet, then I discovered Molly Moon's dairy-free, sorbet & vegan options. Let's just say, it changed my life & now I'm officially part of the Molly Moon bandwagon. After dinner, it was straight outside for use to join their always present line, where I got the Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet. (I had already grabbed the Vegan Coconut Chunk the day before.)

I cannot stress how blessed I feel to have been able to grow up with such truly wonderful, good friends. People in your life will always come & go, but to find people who are genuine, is the hardest, but most rewarding life-long challenge you will ever encounter. P.S. Thanks for the cake Edlin!



SKYCITY Restaurant


After a night of bowling & bowling related movies, Sunday was a laid back day. I lounged around, caught up on some reading, then ended the day with my parents at the Space Needle, at the Skycity Restaurant. Epic views are what I absolutely LIVE for & this place delivers.


Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

Now it seems like the going never stops, but on the morning of my birthday, I met up with my friend Daniel for breakfa-... I mean dessert haha. Life's too short to not start off with Molten Dark Chocolate Cake, especially when there's a vegan option. Thank goodness for coconut milk & ice cream!  

Well, with the exception to my first trip up to the Columbia Center, and reunion with my good friend Scarlett, that concludes my 27th birthday food diary! Hope you guys enjoy the food porn! Thank you to everyone for making this weekend great. Here's to another good year! Love, JEN