Keepsake the Label | Fall 2013

The other day I was scrolling through Instagram, when I came across what may well be one of my new favorite fashion brands: Keepsake

Their Fall 2013 collection exudes almost everything I'm looking for in Autumn dress wear, meaning my only problem is, which one to pick up!?

It seems like a lot of fashion lines just aren't getting enough of florals this Spring/Summer, because it seems like they're pulling them straight to Fall/Winter too. This Full of Soul Playsuit is no exception! I love it's darker take on florals, especially with navy being one of the it  colors this coming Fall. Not only that, this playsuit seems to pleat in all the right places, accentuating a smaller waistline and longer legs. Oh, and that slit on the back, is oh so cute!

This Human Desire Skirt has that same darkened floral print we saw above, but this piece comes with the flexibility of being able to be mixed-matched with numerous tops. On top of that, the tapering slit in the front gives this skirt a very subtle seductive feel.

Lastly, there's this dress. Along with the delicate shaping of the neckline, the lace on this Paradise Stars Dress definitely keeps you covered up in a very classy way, but still teasing to the eyes. On top of that, the idea of midnight blue lace is music to my ears, because all too many times has my black hair seemed to disappear into any black lace I wear in the Winter. 

Overall, I think I've gone mad for this brand and I can't wait to pick up one (or maybe two) pieces from their Fall 2013 collection.

I hope you guys enjoyed the read! It's a little different than what I usually post about, but I didn't just want to share with you guys what I wear today, but also what I'm excited for, for the coming season. 

What are your favorite collections this Fall 2013? Any fun discoveries?