Exploring Florida

Happy Manatuesday! (I'm kidding lol.) I'm finally back in Florida guys! After a hectic work week, Emerald City Comic-Con, out-of-town friends visiting & a red eye flight, the "go-go-go," doesn't stop there. I landed at 5:30am & went straight to Crystal River, FL, to swim with some manatees!

Manatee Tour

I've always had a deep, profound, love for aquatic animals, sea turtles in particular, but I'll love me some "sea cow" too. I definitely enjoyed my experience on the River Ventures Manatee Tour, thanks to our tour guide Scott (above) & captain Laura. Within 20 minutes, we spotted our first manatee, and soon after I was snorkeling 5ft from a mother manatee & her baby. 

On top of it all, the tour guides take underwater pictures for every tour group, which you can purchase at the end. These last 2 were taken by Scott. If you're ever in Florida, I would definitely recommend River Ventures for their manatee tours. 

Honeymoon Island State Park

After the tour, I headed south, to enjoy more of what Florida's coast & wild life could offer me.  Inside Honeymoon Island State Park, I started with a nature walk through the 2.2 mile Osprey Trail. It was refreshing to look at something besides Evergreen trees. *cough cough*


The trail definitely delivered. Within half a mile I saw a bald eagle, a few ospreys, and several other colorful birds. As I went on, I saw a few geckos with orange throat flaps & even an armadillo rummaging in the foliage for food.  Then it was off to the island beach to relax.

DSC01673 (1).jpg

I've said this time and time again, but there's just something about the ocean that gives it a special, permanent, spot in my soul. I would never live in a state that wasn't surrounded by water in some way & I have absolutely no desire to go to any state that isn't. I just feel this sense of serenity & love for the sounds of the waves, the comfort every grain of sand under my feet &beautiful colors of life under the sea. Just makes me smile.


Thanks as always for joining me on my adventures. Hope you're out there living yours. The next feel days are going to be epic.  Love, JEN 

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