Manly Beach

Our last night in Australia would be in Sydney, Australia.  After flying in from Brisbane, we said goodbye to one of our travel mates, who was headed straight back to Seattle. We checked back into our initial hostel at Wake Up Sydney, then hopped into an Uber towards the ferries, for Manly Beach. 

While Bondi was great tourist spot to check out, if you're looking for a more locals only beach and less crowds, Manly is the beach for you. On your walk in from the docks, you find endless restaurants with nothing short of amazingly fresh seafood. Then again, everything we've eaten in Australia had been amazing.

At Manly you can relax or play some volleyball. Because of it's location, the beach itself is a great spot to watch the sunrise, or bring a drone like I did. Manly Wharf, where the ferries dock, is also a great spot to watch the sunset.  What I suggest though, is timing your ferry ride back to Sydney, just before sunset. 

Because of the trajectory of the ride home, if you sit on the left side of the ferry, you'll get beautiful views of the sunset just over the city skyline and the Sydney Opera House. 

Well, this finally concludes my string of posts, from my Australia trip. Here's to the most beautiful ferry ride of my life & here's to hoping I get to go back soon. Love, JEN