My Favorite Places in Seattle



ABOUT 2 MONTHS AGO, before the start of Fall quarter, Ian & I decided to take one last Seattle trip before we got busy with school. Living just outside of Seattle, it seems that the more and more I visit this place, the more I fall in love with it. I didn't used to like Seattle, like when I first moved here in 1998, but now I can honestly say I have fallen in love with this city and I can't imagine living anywhere else.

As a local, I highly recommend visiting the Seattle Aquarium. It's one of my favorite attractions & I never seem to get tired of it. Maybe that's just me, since I love fish so much. While I was there I was able to catch this picture (above) of this small sea lion. Isn't it cute?!


 Outside of the Seattle Aquarium, you will also find a lot of neat shops to visit on Alaskan Way. In one shop (the name of it escapes me), sold these assortment of dried starfish (above), and shells (below). Apparently, they really wanted use to know much these particular shells (below) are. Haha




This is definitely more of a tourist location, but as time has gone one, I find myself coming back here again and again for Paperdelle's Specialty Pasta (on the main floor). Plus where else can you a bouquet of flowers this big (below), for only $5-$10?


Oddly enough though, as much as I love their specialty pasta or beautiful flowers, my favorite part of Pike Market has become this old man (below). 


 It may not be clear why, but those know really know me, know that I love classical music and instrumentals. Occasionally on my Seattle adventures, I would run into this old man at Pike. He seems to always be there, every time, in a different spot. He plays the erhu, otherwise known as the Chinese violin. It's nice because in the mist of a bustling crowd, his songs never fail to enlighten my ears. Some times he plays songs that I remember hearing during my childhood.

I actually recently bought a Erhu album by Jia Peng Fang and I find it really relaxing. Here's one of his best songs (here), check it out!

I guess I kind of segwayed there, but I hope you guys enjoyed this short photo story/adventure of mine. I also hope it gives any of you non-Seattlites some ideas of where to visit if you ever come to my city! That is all! Happy Monday! JN