Metropolitan Fashion Week Seattle - 2013

Before Saturday, I had never been to a live fashion show before, but I felt more than blessed that my first time would be during Metropolitan Fashion Week at the Chihuly Garden & Glass in Seattle. I could not ask for a more beautiful location!


As we walked through the Exhibition Hall, towards the show, Ian & I were in awe as we were greeted room after room with Dale Chihuly's artwork. Each structure/room was so unique in it's own right, and it's presentation so breathtaking due the perfected lighting. The 40 ft. tall Glass House in which the runway was located was in a world of it's own.


Above hung a breathtaking 100-foot long glass sculture, while the bottom of the house held a mixture of organized chaos: people finding their seats, designers being pre-interviewed, and photographers and DJs doing final checks on their set ups.


The show opened with Adicora Swimwear by Metropolitan Fashion Week's own creative director Niveen Heaton and men's swimwear by UnderU4Men. I was dying for some of those swimsuits, but the other women in the house were dying for those male swimsuit models instead. haha. Check out their video here: 

Then it was time for international designer Ezra Santos.


The Ezra Fashion Designs were by far one of my top two favorite designers of the night and I love  the hair on the models. 

We were also graced with collections by Seattle fashion designers Julie Danforth, Juleano by Julius Leano, and The Finerie celebrity designers Christopher Collins and Jim Tanner.

The closing show for the night was a collection by Dar Sara (right), a fashion design company based out of Dubai, by Joumana Al Hayek. It was very impressive to see the show started with two models in 4-inch heels, acting out a fight scene in gladiator like wear.  I was surprise to not witness a single stumble!

The dresses themselves were toe die for. Thanks for reading! xoxo JN

Calvin Klein top from (similar here) // Guess heels // J. Crew skirt // Forever 21 belt