Spring Fashion Haul

Happy Monday everyone! Spring is officially here & I have two trips lined up for the next 2 months. So naturally, I found some time away from working 6 days a week to do some mad shopping. Here are some the pieces I got. I'm so excited to style them for you guys! - JEN

Two Lips

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Spring is here and the tulips are in full bloom early here in the Pacific Northwest, and I was able to take advantage of some good weather we had a few days ago & check out Tulip Town.

Every year, this is something I look forward to, because it's always been conveniently during the month of my birthday (April), with the exception of this year. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers for their simplicity, vibrancy & resiliency. I used to have tulips in my yard, at my old house. We planted the bulbs one year and every year after Summer, the tulips would die and disappear entirely. Looking at the dirt, you would never think anything was ever there, but come Spring again, tulips would seem to pop up over night. Metaphorically, it makes one feel hopeful & reassured about some things in life. 

It's also crazy to think, that in a month, I'll be turning 26. I used to be so scared of my birthday, despite my annual weeklong celebrations. I always related to Michael Jackson in the sense that, I felt like I never wanted to grow up, because I'm such a kid at heart. Of course, that's still truer than ever, but now, my birthday doesn't seem to mean as much to me. Sometimes when people ask me how old I am, I actually have to hesitate & think. I may be 25, but I feel 20 (I don't drink)... ok maybe 23. There are people out there in their 40s, that act like a 20-year-old, & 20-somthings with the wisdom of someone in their late 50s. More than ever, the numbers just don't mean anything anymore.

I truly understand now, that its just about how you feel. Here's to hoping I feel like a kid at heart forever!

Thank you all again for reading! Have a wonderful Monday! But first, coffee ;) - JEN


Blossoming | Again

Hey loves! Spring is coming, the temperatures are warming up, and I'm finally feeling more like myself again. I will always love Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, but a part of me feels like I'm truly meant to live in warmer climates like California or Hawaii, where the colors are brighter, the personalities are warmer, and the fabrics are less restricting. 

The early bloom of the cherry blossoms inspired me to wear these baby pink jeggings I picked up last month, from American Eagle. (Psst!* They're currently on sale here) You may have noticed by now, that I never did a Valentine's Day lookbook, but I did wear these jeggings on Valentine's Day, otherwise known as Singles Awareness Day for me lol.

This is a blog about my life and I would like to be as transparent with you guys as possible, but sometimes you debate with yourself on what you're ready to share, and what you're not ready to share yet. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but if you've been following me for awhile, you know that I ended a pretty serious relationship almost 2 years ago. Since then I've kept myself occupied with school and work, and that's worked out pretty well for me, academically. It's just now, I feel like I'm finally ready to kind of dip my feet in the waters, wade around, and see what kind of fish are out there.

When you have this whole plan of how you're going to spend the rest of your life with someone, and that get's shatter, you really question afterwards, what you want anymore. And of course, this is not an easy topic for me to discuss publicly, but the thing that keeps me sharing writing, is knowing that somewhere out there, another girl is going through the same thing & I believe girls should help each other out.  

Something that was really helpful for me (another book, yes), was reading "It's Just a F***king Date", " by Greg Gehrendt & Amiira Ruotola. As lame as it may appear, the book has really gotten me to open up to the idea of "modern" dating, and to be more fearless. Of course, no woman needs a man, but I've always been a hopeless romantic, and I think i'm just going to leave it at that for today. :) I hope you're doing well! I'll catch you guys next time. Keep dreaming, believing, loving, and slaying! - JEN

"It's okay to be scared, but you have to get out there, open up, love, make mistakes,
earn, be stronger, and start all over again." - Anonymous 


Kendall & Kylie kimono // Forever 21 beaded tank // American Eagle jeggings // Just Fab bag // Sam Edelman sandals

Venice Neutrals

Hey loves! :) It sure feels so good to be back in California! The weather here is just the perfect temperature to me, and there are beautiful places to visit everywhere!

My family and I flew in yesterday afternoon and decided to spend our first morning in the Los Angeles area, exploring the outside of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, otherwise known as LACMA. Turns out it's closed on Wednesdays. Who knew?!

It was fine anyways, because the weather was so nice my parents and I quite enjoyed our walk through the park. The real prize was seeing the Urban Light installment by Chris Burden. It's a popular place to shoot in LA by a lot of bloggers I've followed over the years, and I'm happy to finally see it in person. I can't wait to visit it again at night when the lights are on!


Forever 21 top | American Eagle shorts | ShoeDazzle heels (similar here) | Michael Kors handbag
Express necklace | Express & H&M finger candy | Fiji nail polish by Essie

I also got to try out my new Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classical camera. (Wow that's a long name). I love how vintage it looks!

After that we headed to Venice Beach!

I can't believe how close this seagull let me get to it! I was an arms length away for this shot!

I hope you guys enjoyed joining me for the day at Venice Beach and LACMA! After these pictures were taken above, I ended up doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, so of course I held back on taking more pictures after that haha. (Thank my cousin Donald for nominating me). It was funny because I had to do the challenge twice, because my mom forgot to push record the first time (my dad enjoyed it tough). Anyways, I hope you all have had the chance to donate (link is above) and I'll talk to you all again soon! xoxo JEN

Combats + Shorts

Express crop top | Garage cardigan (similar here) | American Eagle shorts (similar here)
Steve Madden combat boots | Michael Kors bag | Ray Ban sunglasses

I've always been someone that would go out of my way to wear heels at any occasion I could, but lately, I've wanted to try to mix things up. Don't get me wrong, my heel collection isn't going anywhere! I just wanted to add more variety to my shoe collection, so I had something besides flats and sandals on my laid back days.

With all the traveling I've done recent to warmer climates, I've grown to love more laid back Summer looks. Also with Fall coming in a few months, what better transition piece, than some classic black combat boots? They add an edge to any outfit and are incredibly easy to walk in! They can easily go with any leggings or shorts for those warm Summer days. As the seasons transition, I'm excited to learn how else I can style these new kicks of mine! :) - JEN

Photos by Nicole Patterson