Hey guys! I'm back with another art project of mine I wanted to share with you guys! I actually completed this about 2 months ago, but with it being a Christmas present, you can probably guess why I waited until now to unveil it.

A long ways ago, a friend of mine, named Paul, introduced me to Kimbra (here). She's an amazing New Zealand singer with an amazingly unique voice. "Cameo Lover" (here) is probably my favorite song of hers. Anyways, over the summer I was inspired by a black and white silhouette painting I saw. Right when I saw it I thought of Kimbra and I thought, I must paint Kimbra as a present for Paul! That leads us to this project here:

IMG_8325 - Version 2sdfadf.png

Watercolor Skull


So I haven't announced this online yet, but I am actually taking a college class this Summer, which is probably why you guys are seeing a slow down on videos from me. Any how, for the first week, we had to memorize all the bones of the skull. I decided to change up my studying method a little bit and make my study time a bit more creative. As you can see I repainted a lateral view of the human skull. What do you guys think? JN


The Pop-up of All Pop-Ups

Today is my best friend's (practically my sister), my mind reader's, and future maid of honor's birthday. Every year I try to do something really special for her. In past years I've done full size chalk drawings on the sidewalk, outside her bedroom window of Mickey Mouse and other characters wishing her a "Happy Birthday." Unfortunately, you get older and well, your back isn't up for it as much anymore. So this year I made her a pop-up card.