Joffre Lakes

For the first week of July, by luck, I happened to find myself with a 5 day stretch off work. I debated between surfing on a Hawaiian island or road tripping with Becky, up through the Canadian wilderness. Obviously I went with the latter, cheaper option, with Joffre Lakes being my main focus. 

If you've ever been to Whistler (along highway BC-99), the trailhead for Joffre Lakes is about 1 hour past that, so get yourself prepped for a long, but beautiful car ride. I got the trailhead around 1am. That's what I get for watching the sunset at Stanley Park. I found ample parking, and there were plenty of other car campers & RVs on the lot. By 5am, you could hear people around the trailhead slowly waking up & heading up the trail.


The hike itself actually includes 3 lakes, with the first one being just a 2 minute walk from the trailhead. With that said, I personally didn't think Lower Joffre Lake was anything to brag about, but there are a few nice benches to sit at. 

Back tracking & heading towards the second lake, you'll encounter a nice wooden bridge, some steep switchbacks, & a barrage of stairs before arriving at "Middle Joffre Lake." Here you'll find the popular floating tree that everyone Instagrams about. Depending on the water levels, and how wet you feel like getting, you can stand out pretty far.

Then ten minutes before reaching the 3rd and final lake, you'll encounter a massive waterfall on your right. This spot also has a few benches available, making it great resting spot, but also prone to being pretty crowded. Luckily, I found the waterfall on the way up, with no one around me! :) 


All in all, the hike made the drive extremely worth it! Plus on the way back down, towards Vancouver, there are plenty of waterfalls & lookouts to check out, as well as Whistler Village. If you ever have the time, I'd definitely make a 2-3 day trip out of this. I can't wait to come back for a whole week and check out Banff! Thanks for reading! - Jen


Go home May. You're drunk!

It's called "April showers," not May showers, yet Seattle has been breaking rainfall records, after records. While I hate going out in the rain, I was somehow lucky enough to have the next 4 days off, and it wasn't going to stop me today! Rain or shine, I was going to Victoria, BC.

Since I invested in a new car this year, I've decided to cut back on flying & explore places more close to home. Victoria is one of those places I love, because it has buildings that just remind me of the architectural style of London & Paris. It's so small & quaint, with almost everything I want to see in walking distance. Plus on a rainy Monday, tourism census was at a beautiful low (no one in line at the border).

So with my trusty umbrella in hand & camera in the other, I explored the city on foot, with my parents. With the exception of ferry prices, it made for a cheap day trip. The Parliament Building gives free tours daily, Monday - Friday (see amazing dome ceiling above). Then a 15 minute walk away, you'll find the narrowest alley in all of Canada, Fan Tan Alley. On the way there, you'll find a great variety of ice cream shops & eateries of all sorts. If you're feeling fancy, you can step into The Fairmont Empress (hotel across the street of the Parliament Building), for tea time!

Eventually, when we were getting ready to head home, the sun finally peeked out a little bit.  I hope everyone is having a safe May Day! Until next time, stay dry! Love, Jen

Victoria's Secret umbrella // Icewear coat // Alexander Wang boots

Off to Europe

Hey loves! Today I'm headed off to Europe! 

I can't believe I finally get to say that! It's been a years worth of planning and it feels absolutely surreal to me, that this day has finally come! Mind you, while I do travel pretty often (especially this year), this will my first time flying over seas, on my own. It didn't really hit me, what I had gotten myself into, until I landed for my layover in Vancouver, Canada & made my way through customs. This is really happening.

“It has become ever clear to me that if I had spent my life avoiding any and all potential risks, I would have missed doing most of the things that have comprised the best years of my life.” - Phoebe Snetsinger

 This trip means to me more than my words can describe. I've wanted to travel the world ever since I was little and I looked out of an airplane window for the first time. As you grow up though, I've learned that life tends to give you an endless list of "tasks," that sidetrack you from those childhood dreams. Society reiterates to you, to play it safe, go to school & work your life away. As a woman, societal norms tell you to get married, have kids, work, retire.  Frankly, I've never fancied the idea of living my life by the norms. It's not that I don't want those things, but with all that alone, I would be bored out of my mind. I want, and need, more. 

Well... I've put in my time, gone to school, worked a ridiculous amount of hours (which my coworkers can attest to), and now it's time to do this for me. Today, I create the life I've always imagined. Anyhow, enough talk. I'm about to board. See you tomorrow in London! - JEN

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Shirtdress shown by Topshop


Let me tell you, my "Year of Adventure," has been off to a great start. Three weeks ago, I headed to Canada with my friends, to go to Whistler for the time ever.  Before this, I had only skied at Stevens Pass. While I knew there were other ski resorts out there, nothing quite prepared me for the enormity and grandeur, that is Whistler Blackcomb.

First of all: Whistler Village

We drove in the night before, so we didn't get to fully appreciate the beauty of the village, until we we headed up the next morning. Unfortunately, I didn't get too many shots of the village itself (too busy enjoying it, sorry). When I did get to walk through the village though, trust me when I say that it's full of never-ending ski/snowboarding shops, and a wide variety of restaurants and bars. No wonder this was home to the 2010 Winter Olympics!

SecondLY: the LIFTS & RUNS

My friend wasn't kidding when he said you could spend half a morning going down one run. The lift rides alone, depending on how many you take on the way up, can take upward of 10-30 minutes. The runs are seemingly endless & well worth it. 

My first run took about 1.5 hours, since I was teaching my cousin Isabelle how to ski for the firs time. I know, I know. Whistler isn't the first place you think of for beginners, but I'm so proud of her because she did amazing & is definitely a skier now! 

Lastly: The Gondolas

If you ever get the chance to go to Whistler, I definitely recommend, at the very least, taking the gondolas peak-to-peak, and enjoying the breathtaking views. It's in my opinion, the best way to rest your legs after a long day of skiing down the slopes. The views are hard to beat. 

IMG_6690 - Version 2.jpg

I love how dark these photos are, from the Peak-to-Peak gondola. They were hidden in the shade of the mountains.

As usual, thank you all again for reading. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! (All shot on my Canon G7X). Until the next adventure, love JEN

P.S. To Isabelle & Albert, happy 4 year anniversary :)

The Wide Leg

Ray Ban sunglasses | H&M top & jacket | Rossmore pants | Sam Edelman sandals | Express jewelry | Michael Kors bag

Yesterday I spent the day on Victoria Island, Canada, with some of my family visiting from San Jose. It was rather enjoyable because it was also my first time discovering the wide-leg pant! I've been interested in trying out wide-legged pants for a long time, but I just haven't found a print that I liked, until two days ago.

I found this particular print in the clearance section at Macy's and fell in love with it when i tried it on! In some angles the soft flowing fabric makes it look like a skirt and the high-waisted cut lengthens the legs.

I haven't been to Victoria since my 6th grade field trip, so I didn't remember much, but I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful all the buildings were. The architecture was very elegant and reminded me of buildings you would find in London or Paris! (This Bard & Banker building above, I totally wish that was my house!)


Our main stop of the day was Butchart Gardens


All in all, the weather was fantastic and it was a fun trip with my family! I can't wait to come back to this Garden one day! I can see myself shooting my best friend's engagement photos here! -JEN


The Last Road Trip

This past weekend, my friends and I headed to the Richmond/Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada.

Over the Summer, we found out that we've all been accepted to our chosen medical programs. (Wohoo!) I'll be studying to be a radiologic technologist, and since we would all be going to different schools for the next two years, we decided to take one last road trip together before our studies imprisioned us. :P


Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L - - - ISO800 | 17mm f/5 1/50

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L - - - ISO800 | 17mm f/5 1/50

One of our first stops was the Richmond Night Market: a melting pot of delicious food, carnival games, and shopping! It's also a fun alternative to the traditional ways of grabbing dinner with your friends.

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L - - - ISO800 | 17mm | f/4.5 | 1/40

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L - - - ISO800 | 17mm | f/4.5 | 1/40

This is my cousin Donald (left) and my friend Edlin (right) trying to weigh their options amongst vast array of food stands.

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L - - - ISO3200 | 17mm | f/4 | 1/200

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L - - - ISO3200 | 17mm | f/4 | 1/200


My best friend & cousin Isabelle got herself some meet on a stick.  


As for me, I found my treasure at the Fusion Noodles booth. They had a dish that contained all my favorite foods: cold soba noodles, seaweed salad, dried seaweed, creamy scallops, masago (fish roe), and wasabi mayo.

All of my friends had a bite of my noodles and I later found them sneaking back to the booth for a bowl of their own, haha! 

IMG_7873 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_7858 - Version 4.jpg

As for my look, I decided to put comfort and warmth as my top priorities. I wore my dark blue Celebrity Pink jeans with my Old Navy boots, and a double layering of tank tops. On top, I dressed up my outfit with my Merona blazer (here), with a hidden Banana Republic cardigan underneath for warmth.

Last, but not least, I sported my Michael Kors Fulton crossbody bag. I've been eyeing this bag (as well as a few other MK bags hehe) for some time now, and when this trip came along, I decided to pull the trigger. It's abundant pockets and small size make it perfect for any girl on the go! It also left my hands free for eating! :P



The next day we headed into Vancouver for breaky.


We found ourselves at Shabusen, a place that fuses Japanese sushi with Koean BBQ. There's also an option to order as is, or eat buffet style. Sushi buffet style? Count me in! (Reservations recommended!)


I personally don't eat red meats ( just seafood), so while my friends busied themselves with the grill, I fancied myself a good amount of sashimi! 


Look at my wasabi : soy sauce ratio (left) compared to my cousin's! :P


After we were more than well fed, we explored the shops on Robson Street. 


I have to admit, the day turned out a bit chillier than I expected, but I was still at a good temperature in my H&M blouse & Garage high-waisted shorts. I also paired the outfit with my Madden Girl sandals, Just Fab arrow bracelet, Express bracelet, and (as always) my Michael Kors watch (great for helping you keep time on your parking meter, haha).


Look at this little caramel apple & chocolate shop we found! Close, but no cigar compared to The Chocolate Factory in Seattle!  


Such a cute window display!  

You can contact Sing at

You can contact Sing at

We also came across this man named Sing. I've always been fascinated by street chalk artists, but this was my first time ever seeing one live.

I loved his little wishing wells. Also, I have to give people like Sing a round of applause for the work that they do. I enjoy doing chalk drawings myself, but because of my bad back, I know all too well the amount of strain it puts on your back, especially on such a large scale drawing. 


I hope you enjoyed my little photo story of our road trip. Thank you so much for reading, and until next time, xoxo JN