Peridot Triangles


 Today is kind of my big finale for rocking these Stiletto nails. As much as I LOVE the way they look, they've just been a bit too much for me to maintain. I'm sure a lot of women out there with stiletto nails have no issue, but most of theirs are acrylics. Mine are real! 

They just can't stand up as well. Plus they're so long that it's too the point where I'm starting to have trouble typing (I'm a blogger, we can't have that!) and holding things. My nails are so long that I can't make a fist, that actually makes it hard to hold bags (unless you want to pierce them). Not only that, I broke one the other day, and I'm not one to slap on acrylics so... R.I.P. my stiletto nails. It was fun while it lasted. JN