Glacier Lagoon

4 and a half hours from Reykjavik, along route 1, you'll find the Glacier Lagoon.

With Winter well under way in Seattle, I thought I'd finally finish up my last Icelandic story, and the Glacier Lagoon definitely goes up as one of my favorite spots in Iceland. Out of all the nerdy National Geographic documentaries I've grown up watching, it's the ones about glaciers that fascinated me the most. 

I booked myself an hour long Zodiac boat tour & after getting dressed in our anti-hypothermia/flotation suits, we boarded the boat. In comparison to their Amphibian tour, the Zodiac tour puts you on a smaller boat with less people, which allows you to get closer to the icebergs & glaciers. The only thing is, when photographic these glaciers, it's hard to convey a sense of scale without a size reference, but in person you're left in absolute awe.

All in all, as someone that's usually against guided tours, this one was well worth it. I would go on it again and again. Plus afterwards, you're free to explore the surrounding areas. You might even spot a few seals. - JEN



After my week in France, I was off to a few days on the Southern coast of Iceland. 

On my first morning in Iceland, I headed out to Skogafoss, just before sunrise. It was only a 15 minute drive from my bed & breakfast, and I was surprised as how easy it was to reach. From the road you can see the parking lot & from the parking lot it was only a minute walk in, or 10 minute hike up to see it from the top. 

As the sun came up, a rainbow appeared at the base of the falls, as it shined on the mist.

Definitely a great first stop on my 3 hour drive towards the Glacier Lagoon, although I do recommend the earlier the better, especially on a good weathered day. Since it has such great road access, Skogafoss becomes busy with tourist pretty quickly, and stays that way throughout the day.

Arc De Triomphe

For my last night in Paris, I treated myself to a night at Hotel Splendid ETOILE

 Just a block from the Arc De Triomphe, this small corner hotel offered hard-to-beat views from the balcony, as well as quick elevator access to the Paris underground trains. Oh and did I mention the view of the Arc de Triomphe?

A few streets away, within the famous roundabout, you’ll find stairs down to the underground walkway towards the Arc De Triomphe, where you can pay to 12 euros to climb. 

That’s right, I said climb. there are no elevators, which was a surprised to me & my legs, considering I had just run a half marathon a few days prior. The top though, is completely worth the climb. It offers fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower during sunset & even greater views of Champs Élysée at night. Not to mention, the Eiffel towers hourly light shows.

Dress from Zara.

Morning in Paris

On my first morning in Paris, I took a walk along the river, across from the Eiffel Tower (Avenue de New York), to watch the sunrise. Over the next few days, I found this particular view hard to beat, especially with the tower framed between the trees & not another tourist around you. It was quiet & beautiful, everything I wanted out of Paris. 

As the sun came up, I headed towards the Trocadéro, where I ran into a lot of tourists, as well as couples taking their engagement/wedding photos. They say Paris is the city of romance, but somehow it felt anti-climatic seeing 6-7 couples getting their photos done at the same location, side by side. Regardless of that, I found that if you walk along the Jardins du Trocadéro (along the pond), instead of the Trocadéro itself, you'll be pretty free of tourists & couples.


Zara top // Express leggings // Alexander Wang boots // Tory Burch bag

After grabbing breakfast, I took a long walk towards the Avenue des Champs-Élysée. It seemed like everywhere I looked in Paris, it was a photographers dream, especially with blue skies as a backdrop!

Luckily, during my visit in Paris, most admissions into the museums were free. My first stop was at the Petit Palais, where walked through the Oscar Wilde exhibition. I don't think I've ever seen a building so beautiful! 

As you exit the front of the Petit Palais and head left, you head towards Pont Alexandre III bridge. If you're wondering, yes, this is the famous bridge that everyone Instagrams about from Paris!

I couldn't have asked for a better first day in Paris. This city is truly filled with endless beauties. Love, Jen


Disneyland Paris

While Walt Disney Studios left me slightly disappointed (and lacking a churro), Disneyland Paris was nothing short of the Disney magic I was used to, but with a Parisian twist. I especially loved their Disney Magic on Parade (below).

 What made it even better, was the fact I had never seen any of the Disney parks with their Halloween decor! It's something I've wanted to see, and I felt so fortunate to see it in Paris!

Not to mention, their It's a Small World ride was refreshingly, and adorably vibrant.

In the end, I still had no churro, but I loved the park regardless. I loved the selection of rides & fell in love with the fireworks show against the castle. At 30 minutes long, it's well worth the wait. Plus, what kind of blog would it be if I didn't include some long exposure photos for you guys? :) Hope you guys enjoyed the photo montage! love, JEN


Inaugural Soiree


After I visited Walt Disney Studios, the park closed an hour early & was reopened that night for half marathon runners only. There was music, unlimited free food, face painting, and an abundance of dancing characters, like Donald, Goofy, Sully, Chip & Dale.

It was honestly the most fun I've ever had with Disney characters. Goof & Donald were dancing up & down,  while Chip & Dale kept dragging people away from their meals to get up and dance.

Another plus, was that there was virtually no lines, for any of the rides. I rode Ratatouille 3 times back-to-back.

All in all, it made for a great first day & even better night! Still no churro, but that'll do. Next, Disneyland Park!