Memorial Sunrise

Hollister pullover sweater // Old Navy yoga pants // Nike Juvenate sneakers

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Spent my Monday pulling into the Rattlesnake Ledge trailhead at 3am, to start a 4am sunrise hike. I find that on days where it's rained the night before, the mornings after are the most beautiful, and what a view it was! 

I couldn't have asked for a greater day to honor our nation's fallen soldiers. Shout out and thank you to all who serve this great country. - JEN

Pastels & Neon Heels

Hey loves! I apologize for the hiatus my since my last post, but I've been up my eyeballs in school work, and prepping for my trip to Hawaii at the end of the month. Today though, it was a beautiful sunny day in Seattle and I got to go out the girls!

The thing is, for some people, de-stressing involves spas or sweatpants. For me, I've had 5 exams so far this week, and I wanted nothing more than to put on a good set of high heels. These neon ones are Mease from Aldo Shoes. They fit like a glove, so when I first found them, I bought 3 pairs in 3 different colors. Two of them were half off!

And as always, I always stress a well balanced outfit. With such an eye-popping pair of heels, I styled the rest of my outfit with lots of light neutrals and a pastel blouse from Express. Oh and if you haven't noticed already, my hair is back to black! ;)

Forever 21 cardigan (old) | Express top | Hollister jeans
Michael Kors bag | Aldo Shoes heels in Mease

I've honestly missed blogging and making videos everyday. Finals are coming in a week though, and that means the end of the hardest semester in my program, is near! I can't wait to get it over with and free up some time for blogging again. Wish me luck! - J E N