How I Pack/Style My Looks for Trips


Good morning from London!

I’ve just landed & it occurred to me, that I’ve never shared with you guys how I style each of my trips! Over the years, I’ve tried to improve my packing process with each time I go on a trip, and I think I’ve got down a system that works really well for me. It might seem intimidating, but if your’e a pretty visual person, you may end up really it!


The idea of pulling stuff directly out of my closet & putting them into a suitcase, has always given me a headache while packing. I end up unsure if I’ve packed enough shirts, pants, or undershirts. The next way I’ve found to easily visualize everything you’re bringing, before you put it in the suitcase, is using a rolling rack. I got this one for $15 a long time ago from Target. Any spare part of your closet will also do!

Here’s why it works:

  • You won’t over pack - When you can visually see what you’re bringing in one place, at a glance you can see if you’ve appropriately brought an 3 sweaters, instead of accidentally shoving 5 into your carry on. 
  • It’s great way to coordinate mix & match outfits - When I hang the pieces up, I look at the color scheme of my clothes. Chances are, if your rack has a pretty harmonious color scheme, a lot of your pieces will be able to mix & match with ease. This allows you to create a greater variety of outfits, on longer haul trips, but still packing less. Plus if something doesn’t seem to work, you can quickly shuffle things around. 
  • You won’t forget anything - Once I have the “looks” formed in front me, I go from left to right (keeping how many days I’ll be away, in mind) & ask me myself if any of the outfits need socks, undershirts, or accessories. If I need undershirts or tanks, I will pack the exact amount I need, in the colors I need, wether it be nude, black, or white. Same with socks, in either no show, or long socks. Same with types of bras, depending on what dresses you decide to bring.

How To Do it in 5 Steps:

  1. I start by pulling out some of my favorite pieces from my closet, or at least newer pieces I’m excited to wear. Keep in mind, the climate you’ll will be traveling too, 
  2. I start forming my outfits starting from left to right with shirts, followed by the bottoms I want to wear with them. If a bottom can be worn with 2 or more tops, I hang the bottoms after all the matching tops. So on & so forth. 
  3. Shoes will go down below, under the pieces they’re meant to be worn with.
  4. Once my outfits are formed, I add 1-2 jackets to the end of the rack, that will go with ALL the outfits, as well as 1-2 purses. If you can live with just 1 bag, 
  5. Finally, go left to right on your rack & think about which outfits needs specific undershirts, socks, or bras. Hang the additional items on the same hanger as piece it’s meant to be worn with. This is also a time to hang any other accessories like hats or jewelry, you want to wear with a look.

If your rack is looking a little too full & you’re going with a carry-on, you can visually guess that it’s not going to fit & strategically pick out what you want to put back in your closet. When you’re done though, you’ll have the best version of your closet, ready to put in your suitcase! Hopefully that was helpful! Happy packings! - Jen