May 2015 | Month in Review

Hey everyone! I don't know about you guys, but this year is just flying by for me, and in the midst of all my board prepping, I've barely been able to clue you guys in on all my little adventures in the last few months, like in May. If you haven't read about it already, the beginning of May included the tail-end of my second birthday trip to Hawaii. We flew in the night before my birthday, and during our stay, got to hike up Diamond Head, go beach hopping along East Oahu, and visited the Black Sand beach of Maui.

After I came back from a weeklong dose of saltwater, I went to my hairstylist Rory, at Seven Salon, for a freshening up on my color. She uses a technique called balayage, where they literally use a brush & paddle to paint colors onto your hair. It allows for great control & customizability. After a special blend of a blue/purple & golden tones, I was very happy with the result!

May also marked the month where I had my first official runs: The Color Run (above, bottom row) & The Electric Run (below). 

I didn't used to be a big runner, but there's something really invigorating about pushing your body. I use to think that my scoliosis would always limit my lung capacity, but through running, I've really proved my theory wrong. Plus with the inspiration of my friend Paul Fernando & my previous clinical instructors, for years I've wanted to do the Disneyland half marathon. And guess what? This September, after I graduate, I'm doing just that! So of course, I thought the Color Run & Electric Run would be good warm-ups to the big 13-mile run through Disneyland!

All-in-all, May was bursting at the seams with new experiences for me. With school finally almost over, I can't even begin to describe my excitement for what new experiences lie ahead for me. I'm already in the works in making plans for the rest of 2015. I hope you guys continue to join me in my journey to live the adventure! :) - JEN